United Campus Ministry Introduction


Weekly Updates

Hey All!

We have a lot of exciting things coming up this week.

First, however, just letting everyone know that Sunday evening worship is CANCELLED for tomorrow evening. Never fear though: we still have a full week of fantastic faith-inspiring programming!

On Wednesday, we have our Power of Purpose lunch discussion. It is at noon in the Pyon Su room in stamp, This discussion is a great place if you have questions about your career goals or about your faith. This interfaith space is also an opportunity for a FREE LUNCH!

On Thursday, there is an Interfaith Prayer Vigil for DACA and Dreamers that UCM is participating in at 6pm in Memorial Chapel.

Finally, this Saturday is our day-retreat to The Porch in Lucketts. We will spend the morning having faith-based discussions about purpose with Gary Mears, who is leading this new worshipping community before an afternoon of SERVICE.

If you have any questions about any of these events, or are interested in attending, please contact courtneysteininger@gmail.com and/or ulmer@umd.edu.

The Power of Purpose

Each Wednesday, starting tomorrow, at noon in the Pyon Su Room in the Stamp Student Union, L3 will host a discussion group called The Power of Purpose.

So what does this mean for you?

Lunch is free : )  And friends and roommates always welcome.
Come for an engaging interfaith/secular dialogue.  Our discussions focus on how faith/spiritual or core values can help you with your academic or career choices to create a purpose filled life; one that you are passionate about; one that reflects what matters most to YOU!  Power of Purpose is designed to bring diverse students together in an environment where all voices are valued and respected, and heard.
Power of Purpose is also a great place to meet new people, DE-STRESS and receive encouragement for small and big challenges.

See you all this Sunday!

Hello Everyone,
Hope you had a good week.

Sunday night 9/10 United Campus Ministry will be gathering 6 – 7 pm for dessert,
icebreakers and a short communion service.

Drop by to nurture your spirit and get acquainted with returning and new

students.  Please spread the word and roommates and friends always welcome!
Enter Memorial Chapel using the side entrance along Chapel drive.
Dessert will be in the Lounge just inside the side entrance.
Worship will be in the Garden Chapel (around the back of the Chapel. Door
by the garden.)

Have a great weekend!

“How did the rose ever open its’ heart and give this world all its beauty?
 It felt encouragement of light against its being, otherwise, we all remain too
 frightened.” (Hafiz)

Sunday Night Preview

As UMD students officially move back to College Park this week, the University of Maryland is having #FallWelcome, full of fun events and an especially great time for new students to get to know their campus better. Note however, that no welcome weekend (or any weekend) is complete without worship or sabbath time. To that end, United Campus Ministry will be hosting Sunday evenings in Memorial Chapel at 6pm.

This Sunday, we will begin with an ice cream social, some icebreakers, and time to check in about summer, about move-in, and most importantly recent world events that certainly effect students. Every week, we take this time to check in, to have fellowship together.

We also have worship. This week, our worship theme is new beginnings. We will also be serving communion. Cant wait to see all of you there!

Called to Serve: Day Retreat in Lucketts, VA

L3 Students! Do you feel “Called to Serve?” Join us as we explore the ideas of calling and service on a day-long retreat to Lucketts, VA.

After a morning of study and discussion with Gary and Lisa Mears, we will be helping them work to restore Faith Chapel. Gary and Lisa have moved into the Faith Chapel manse, a Presbyterian church that closed years ago. Now, they are working to restore the church and establish a new worshipping community in Loudon County, VA. We will get to hear their story of how they were Called to Serve during our morning study and will get to know them even better in the afternoon.

Spots for this retreat are first-come, first-served, but there are spots reserved for freshmen/new students. Email courtneysteininger@gmail.com to reserve your spot! Transportation and snacks will be provided. Please bring a bagged lunch and money for dinner.

Our hearts are with Charlottesville

Once again, our nation is reeling from a tragedy and we must make a statement. Today, United Campus Ministry reiterates that we stand with the people of Charlottesville, and that we will not allow hate in our community at UMD or anywhere.

National Capital Presbytery made the following statement regarding the events in Charlottesville:

“As followers of the Christ, let us be clear where we stand. We are all formed in the image of God. The Confession of Belhar calls us to remember that we are to be ‘the salt of the earth and the light of the world’, therefore, as a Presbytery, let us be that beacon of light. Encouraging one another to live into a ‘new obedience’ we urge our member churches in both word and deed to actively confront racism that exists in our pews, and our communities.”

These words remind us of our ministry’s purpose. Though it sometimes feels discouraging that churches are most visible during times of tragedy, it is during these trying times that our ministries can refocus our eyes on God and spread our best message of hope.