Introducing L3 : Listen, Learn, & Lead

In the fall of 2015, United Campus Ministry is excited to expand L3, a new initiative supported by the Lilly Endowment Inc. to guide students in conversations about vocation and spirituality.

Think about the many questions students face on a regular basis as they complete their higher education goals:

  • What’s next for me?
  • What kind of career path or vocation will excite and challenge me?
  • How do I know I am making good choices about my future?
  • How will I integrate my faith or spirituality into my workplace?
  • What can I do to make this world a better place?

L3 invites young leaders to share in these kinds of conversations, network with other leaders in their fields who integrate spirituality and work, discern their future and calling, ask serious, difficult questions about life, faith, and our world, and experience God’s love.

Selected students will serve as interns, help shape semester activities and events, and receive a stipend to support their learning goals.

Exciting Internship Opportunity:

L3: Listen, Learn, Lead Internship Program for United Campus Ministry (UCM) Chaplaincy

Stipend Provided

Internship Program Description

  • Helps Interns explore and discover their unique life callings or career paths.
  • Offers 4 internships in four potential program tracks: Sciences, Arts & Humanities, Business, and Wellness.
  • Provides leadership development and mentoring opportunities.
  • Gives interns the opportunity to interact and network with area professionals, including the ability to shadow individuals in professional ministry.
  • Guides/facilitates participants in conversations.

Major Responsibilities

  • L3 Interns are representatives, promoters and advocates, responsible for student programming in assigned L3 tracks.
  • Student programming might include weekly or lunchtime series small group discussions, guest speaker or panel events, bible studies, spiritual practices, retreats, forums, and service projects.
  • Co-leads and organizes programs with other students and interns.
  • Recruits students for L3 programs, especially assigned L3 program track.
  • Creates and distributes publicity for programs, utilizing: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, website updates, print materials, newsletter, chalking; attends First Look Fair, Take Another Look Fair, and other publicity events.
  • Visits local churches with Chaplain on Sunday mornings to provide L3 “Minute for Mission” or update. (2X per semester).
  • Plans and coordinates annual retreat with other interns for all L3 participants.
  • Researches career development as it relates to faith and spirituality.
  • Attends weekly staff meeting with Chaplain Holly Ulmer and other L3 interns.
  • Compiles and writes end of semester report on activities and accomplishments (specific L3 area)


Open to planning and participating in both Christian and interfaith programs. Available to travel for some programs/events that are off-campus in Baltimore/DC metro areas. (Ex. Local Churches, Seminaries, Bread for the World, NIH (National Institutes of Health)). Coordination and attendance in annual retreat at a designated location in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Required skills: Highly Responsible and Reliable; Multi-cultural sensitivity; Works well independently and as a team player; Self-starter; Strong oral communication and communication skills in multiple forms; Word processing.

Preferred skills and qualities: Ability to create a welcoming environment for diverse participants.

Internship Outcome: Leadership training; program execution; and event coordination.    Deepen self-awareness and connection of faith/spirituality or core values with academic and career choices.

Hours: 10 per week; on and off-site.

Schedule:   Flexible, but weekend availability required.

Stipend: $750 per semester, or $1500 per academic year.

Supervisor: L3 program administrator and internship coordinator – UCM, Rev. Holly Ulmer, Chaplain; The Intern is an employee of the United Campus Ministry Board of Directors.

How to Apply: Send cover letter, unofficial transcript, resume, 350 word essay exploring your career calling or possibilities, and 2 references (may be included on resume) electronically to Rev. Holly Ulmer, Chaplain at ulmer@umd.edu . Please have documents in Word format. This internship can also be accessed through the Careers4Terps website, and may qualify for academic credit. Positions will be open until filled. Please send questions to Chaplain Holly Ulmer at ulmer@umd.edu .

Exciting L3 Retreat Opportunity:

L3 Fall Retreat

Student Thoughts About L3

Society pushes young people to find an occupation, but there is little thought about the marriage of faith and work. One of my favorite T.V. shows is Ballykissangel, a 1990s British drama set in a small Irish village. As irrelevant as this fact may seem to L3, I think that one of the characters, a Catholic priest, epitomizes the contemporary conceptualization of calling. He explains that his parents expected him to find an occupation and implies that they were slightly taken aback by his finding a Christian vocation instead. This anecdote exemplifies the imaginary discrepancy between occupation and vocation. Furthermore, this scenario implies that one only has a vocation if he or she joins the clergy and suggests that serving the Lord may be a slightly undesirable profession, which, obviously, it is not.

I believe that there are two major societal changes that need to occur to help young people. First, a new definition of vocation needs to be developed. Having a vocation does not necessitate joining the clergy. Rather, vocation, in keeping with the idea of a providential call, means identifying one’s God-given gifts and using them for good. Furthermore, people need to stop pretending that every college student has his or her life planned out. Society has become so goal-oriented that students randomly select goals, and then discuss behind closed (dorm room) doors how terrified they are about their futures.

The aim of L3 is to inspire students to have honest conversations about their future and include faith in those discussions. As someone without a defined plan for my future, I often feel like a minority among peers who claim to have grandiose plans, and as a Christian, I feel compelled to discover that which God would have me do. I believe that L3 will be a medium for self-discovery for me and any students of faith at the University of Maryland.

Courtney Steininger

Introducing our Summer Intern, Courtney Steininger

EDITEDL3 Summer Intern Courtney Steininger is a rising sophomore English major at the University of Maryland, College Park. Raised in a Presbyterian family, Courtney has served as a youth deacon on the Board of Deacons at Darnestown Presbyterian Church. A thoughtful and considerate Christian, she has also been involved in many mission projects, such as trip to work with a diabetes organization in the Dominican Republic. She has thoroughly enjoyed her involvement with United Campus Ministry while at UMD, and is looking forward to seeing the ministry develop and evolve over the next few years and beyond.

Outside of her involvement with campus ministry at UMD, Courtney is a highly involved student who was named by the University of Maryland chapter of Omicron Delta Kappa national leadership honors society as one of UMD’s Top Ten Freshmen. This award came as a result of her involvement in the Residence Hall Association on her council, and her leadership positions on both the Honors College Student Advisory Board and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program Student Advisory Board. She is also on UMD’s mock trial team, as well as a member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority.  In what little free time she has, Courtney enjoys reading and playing the piano.