UCM Board of Directors

Is God’s Spirit calling you to be a UCM Board Member?

Catch the spirit of campus ministry!

A UCM Board Member has a heart for young adults and their unique concerns.

A UCM Board member is knowledgeable/or learns about our students, the importance of mission in higher education, and gives shape to our vision and goals.  Board members are encouraged to occasionally attend events sponsored by our ministry.

A UCM Board Member attends monthly meetings.  9:00 am, usually 3rd Saturday of the month, virtual during COVID-19.

 A UCM Board Member works on UCM items between board meetings: Board members are asked to work on various tasks/projects between meetings.  The time commitment varies, based on how much time volunteers can contribute, and whether or not members serve in an office such as UCM President, Treasurer etc.  Tasks board members have worked on: Planning an annual dinner fundraiser; writing grant proposals; helping to co-lead a student retreat; coordinating a mission trip with a local church; helping with appeal mailings; providing food for concert receptions or student dinners; visiting a local church to speak about our ministry.

 A UCM Board Member represents UCM to his/her denomination and local governing body.   A Board member enthusiastically tells the campus ministry story. (Possible venues: Denominational mission fairs, monthly or annual denominational meetings, mission and/or higher education committee meetings; one’s local church or faith community).

 A UCM Board member actively cares for the financial health of the ministry.  This includes reaching out to local churches and individuals to interpret the work of our ministry and encourage financial support.  Some ways to accomplish this includes doing a minute for mission during worship, meeting with the mission committee or local church governing body, and cultivating personal relationships with people who especially are committed to or interested in college-aged adults or higher education ministry. One of the churches may be the board member’s home church.

 A UCM Board member financially gives to our ministry. There is no specific donation amount asked for.  Whatever is contributed is greatly valued and appreciated.  Contributions have ranged from $25 – $5,000/year during the last 10 years.  We have learned in our development work that it is important to be able to share with potential donors that board members give to our ministry. (Not the amount but that there is a commitment from each board member.)

For more information or to express an interest please contact: 

UCM Board President                                 UCM Chaplain                                 

Rev. Jeffrey Stinehelfer                    Rev. Holly Ulmer

pletchstine@verizon.net           ulmer@umd.edu