4/25 L3: Power of Purpose: Making Difficult, Important Decisions

Meeting tomorrowWednesday, April 25, 12 – 2 pm in Nanticoke Room, Union,
lunch is provided!
Do you have to make an important decision or choice?
When we are in the process of making our decisions, often we are
pressured or influenced by cultural norms more than we think we are.
It’s like we are gold fish swimming around in a little fish bowl, forgetting
there is a whole ocean out there!
Some of our cultural norms are:
Will my choice lead to success?
Will I gain status and privilege?
Will it bring happiness?
Is this what most people would decide to do?
Will it help me gain friends or popularity?
Other spiritual/religious/or secular perspectives can encourage us to consider:
What is the most loving choice for me? For others?
Will this decision do the least harm?
Does this choice reflect my deepest spiritual or secular values?
    If so which values?
Am I called to be brave and stand alone, or with a particular community?
Come for an exciting discussion about making choices and learning to
be conscious about what is truly influencing us in reaching our important decisions.

4/18 L3: Power of Purpose: Creativity, Spirituality & Core Values

The act of being creative from woodworking, painting, singing, dancing, writing, drama can be a wellspring of
meaning for living.
This week we will explore exciting connections between creativity, spirituality, and our deepest held values.
12 – 2 p.m. Wednesday, 4/18, Nanticoke Room, Student Union  (Come and go as needed).
Lunch: Chicken Parmesan and Greek Salad.
How does creativity, your own or the creativity of others, impact your life?
Do you consider creativity a spiritual practice or an expression of your core values?
What does your spiritual/religious/or secular tradition say about creativity?
Check out the resources below and hope you can join us for good conversation.
We will also do some coloring!!

Puerto Rico Lit: Brightening Paths towards Recovery

Join us for this exciting upcoming event we have co-sponsored!
Puerto Rico Lit aims to teach the UMD community about fundraising initiatives and to encourage people to extend support to those who continue to be affected by the aftermath of hurricane Maria.  Join MICA, the UMD Interfaith community, Semilla Cultural, and student collaborators for a celebration focusing on the people of Puerto Rico, their resiliency, and the beauty of the Puerto Rican culture. Food and Bomba Dance/Music workshop will be provided. Event is free to all student and community members.

L3 This Week: Travel and Calling

How can travel influence spiritual/religious/secular perspectives and help us find our life purpose?

Amanda Zimmerman is our special Guest Speaker this Wednesday, 4/11, at L3:Power of Purpose.

Amanda is interning with the Lutheran Campus Ministry – The Humble Walk, as Program and Administrative Assistant.

She will share her incredible experience of recently visiting the Holy Land; how it impacted her Christian faith, and inspired her to take steps towards living out what she now feels called to do.

“That trip opened my eyes to so many more possibilities than I thought would be on my horizon.” Amanda

At L3 we always value and honor diverse perspectives around our lunch table.

After hearing Amanda’s story, those of us gathered will also have the opportunity to share how travel has transformed us, our spiritual or secular worldviews, and may have impacted our sense of life purpose, or urged us on to help others.

Hope you will come and support Amanda and join us for a great program!

12 – 2 p.m., Nanticoke Room, Stamp Student Union

Feel free to invite your friends.

 Lunch is Chicken Parmesan and Greek Salad. : )

Easter Week and Beyond

Jesus Christ is Risen Indeed!  As we begin our celebration of the Easter season, we are incredibly grateful for all of the fantastic Holy Week events United Campus Ministry was able to participate in.  We are especially grateful for the ecumenical Good Friday Stations of the Cross that we co-hosted with the Catholic, Lutheran, and Baptist chaplaincies, as well as with Memorial Chapel at the University of Maryland.  We also enjoyed a fantastic bible study on John 20: 11-18, wherein the risen Christ appears to Mary Magdalene on the evening of Easter Sunday.    Moving forward, we will be participating in another interfaith/ecumenical service this coming Wednesday, in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Following this service, we will have our standard Power of Purpose discussion beginning at 1:15.

Activism and Advocacy: Our Role

Join us today at noon in the Nanticoke room in the Stamp Student Union!

Our weekly Power of Purpose discussion will be following up on the 3/8 event Peacebuilding in a New Age.
For those of you who were not there, we talked about how we can use social media for awareness and activism.  During this discussion, we will be discussing the why and how to determine what your role can be.
We will ask questions like:
What am I passionate about?
What can I do for that cause?
What should my role be in this call?
How can I be helpful?

Courtney L3: Listen, Learn, Lead intern will be leading the discussion.
Lunch will be Chicken parmesan, and Greek salad.