Student Leadership

Current Leadership 2018-2019

Nick Schmitz (left) and Sodapop Mantanico (right), L3 Interns
“I hope to learn how to incorporate my lifelong faith and values into my career path” – Nick
“These intentional discussions are important in helping many of the students that need to be resilient in tough times.” – Nick
“What the L3 program provides to students is a place to talk, to have meaningful conversations with other students. Something you can rarely find here on campus. Something you can hardly see outside of our campus in what is known as the real world” – Sodapop
Ryan McNeal, L3 President
“Overall, UCM has been an amazing experience that has helped me cope with the stresses of college while growing in my faith at the same time.”

Former Student Leaders

Courtney Steininger, Former L3 Intern; M. Div. Student Princeton Theological Seminary
“UCM and L3 have been such crucial parts of my college experience. I am confident that I would not feel so certain about my own call to Princeton Seminary were it not for these programs”
Monique Parker, Former L3 Intern
“This group has helped me find my calling.”
Jack Hiebner (second from right), Former L3 Intern
“I truly felt called to use my internship to pave the way of dialogue and fraternity between students of various demographics and beliefs.”
Mel Coles, Former L3 Intern
“Through this retreat I have evaluated my spiritual faith and realized how much my faith and belief in God really impacts the directions of my life purpose.”
John Cardea, Former L3 Intern