Worship On-Demand

Below is our archive of special and Sunday events so you can enjoy our past worship services anytime. We pray that you will be blessed and receive encouragement for your spiritual journey by participating in these worship experiences. Through the miracles of modern technology they no longer are limited by time and space.

Please note that some recordings may take a moment to load before playing.

4/11 UCM Worship Service – Strength through God, Then vs. Now Message by Ryan McNeal

Watch this lovely service in which L3 President, Ryan McNeal gives his message on finding strength in God.

4/4 UCM Worship Service – Easter Sunday

3/28 UCM Worship Service – Palm Sunday

3/7 UCM Worship Service – Message by L3 Intern Samantha Kalibala “Spreading God’s Love”

2/28 UCM Worship Service – Message by Chaplain Intern Rachel Koehler “Resistance and Revelation

In honor of Black History Month, we will continue to celebrate Black leaders and their impact while being mindful that their spirit should guide us throughout the entire year.

2/21 UCM Worship Service – Message by Rev. Pamela Allen “Beyond the Aftermath … Unmask, Emerge, and Rise

2/07 UCM Worship Service – Rev. Dr. King’s “I Have Been to the Mountaintop”

To kick off Black History Month, this evening we will be listening to Rev. Dr. King’s “I Have Been to the Mountaintop” and discussing it together.

1/31 UCM Worship Service – Spirituality and Song

We are hoping to make this service more interactive by listening to different songs and exploring how these songs resonate with each of us. 

12/6 UCM Worship Service – Lessons and Carols

We will be coming together and worshipping with some beloved Christmas carols as we read through the Bible, starting with sin entering the world, then the promise of a Messiah, and concluding with the good news of Jesus’ birth. It will remind us of our faith journey and the promise of this season. 

11/22 UCM Worship Service – In All Thinks Give Thanks…

With COVID-19 nothing is normal, and some of our families will choose to not even gather for fear of infecting each other with the virus. Others will be together, but socially distancing apart. Many more people than usual will mark the holiday alone by themselves. How can our faith help us approach Thanksgiving this year in a way so that in all things we can give thanks? How can a spiritual practice of gratitude enable us to have a meaningful Thanksgiving, and prepare our hearts and minds for Advent and Christmas?

11/15/20 UCM Worship Service – How to be a Modern-Day Prophet (Reflection by Chaplain Intern Rachel)

As for worship this Sunday, we will be exploring the role of a prophet and those who have been prophets throughout history. Who are some prophets that come to mind for you? Then, we will ask how we can be prophetic ourselves. What does being prophetic mean to you?

11/8/20 UCM Worship Service – Coffeehouse Night – Open Mic! Celebrating our Gifts
Tonight, we will be worshipping through a coffeehouse-style open mic night! Several of us will be sharing musical gifts along with songs and poems that speak to our spirituality. You are more than welcome to share too or simply join us in hearing new perspectives that speak to a variety of faith journeys. 

11/1/20 UCM Worship Service – Personal Spiritual Journey (Sermon by L3 Intern Samantha Kalibala)

Samantha will be reflecting on her transition into college and what effects it had on her connection to God. This service will reflect her own experience hearing God, finding spiritual independence, and changes in her understanding of her spirituality.

10/25/20 UCM Worship Service – Faith vs. Election Uncertainty (Sermon by Chaplain Holly Ulmer)

During worship we will seek God’s wisdom for this critical moment; turn towards our faith to reflect on what we are called to, and how divine hope is ever present with us.  Scripture passages are: Matthew 22: 34-46; Deuteronomy 34: 1 – 12

10/18/20 UCM Worship Service – Exploring a Countercultural Identity in Jesus Christ (Sermon by Chaplain Intern Rachel Koehler) The Beatitudes is often such a popular passage that we easily overlook its relevance for us today. What good news does it invite us to see today? 

10/4/20 UCM Worship Service – Celebrate Chaplain Holly’s 30th year with UCM and the Theme of Hearing and Responding to God’s Call in Our Lives (Sermon by Chaplain Holly Ulmer) A question to ponder: How do we discern God’s will for our lives, the unique callings we have through our talents, passions, identity, life experiences, and communities?

9/27/20 UCM Worship Service -Divine Hope for Emotional Wellness and Mental Health Challenges (Sermon by Chaplain Holly Ulmer)
Sunday’s worship will focus on how faith can be a source of hope and support for our emotional and mental health. Also how can we best support those who have mental health challenges? The church has not always done a good job of that! UCM-L3 seeks to live into our call of being a compassionate, informed, and caring community.

9/20/20 UCM Worship Service – Finding Your Voice (Sermon by Chaplain Intern Rachel Koehler)
This week we will be exploring our call to witness God’s work in our lives and the beauty of finding your voice.

9/13/20 UCM Worship Service – Cultivating Inner Peace for a More Peaceful World (Sermon by Chaplain Holly Ulmer)
This week United Campus Ministry’s worship theme is
cultivating inner peace and extending it outwards
for the healing of the world.

9/11/20 Interfaith Remembrance: Loss, Memory & Hope – Sponsored by University of Maryland Memorial Chapel and Chaplaincies

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9/6/20 UCM Worship Service – Twin Pandemics (Sermon by Chaplain Holly Ulmer)
Connecting our faith with the new semester and
with the new things we are called to do during the twin pandemics


8/30/20 Interfaith Prayer Service – Sponsored by UCM, UMD Chaplaincies, and MICA (Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy Office)

 Join with the 100’s of UMD students who have lifted up their prayers through the miracle of technology.