Opportunities & Internships

What: Short-term mission opportunity

Where: to Honduras

When:  11-19 January 2019

Duties:  Teaching Honduran children about use of purified water

INTEREST DEADLINE: Friday, October 19th Noon.

CONTACT: Chuck Tanner a-c-tanner@verizon.net

Next January, a Living Waters for the World team from Christian Community Presbyterian Church in Bowie, Maryland, will travel to Honduras for 9 days to help install a water purification system in a small Honduran mountain village.  Living Waters for the World is an organization sponsored by the Presbyterian Church (USA) which trains volunteers to install these systems and to teach the villagers how to properly produce and use this precious life resource of purified water.  Our team has been involved in this ministry for the past 10 years, and this will be the 9th system we have helped install.  In addition to teaching the adults of the community about clean water usage, we like to also teach the children, and over the years have developed teaching materials which are faith based and which parallel the material used to teach the adults.  This is very much like a Vacation Bible School, with Biblically-based stories and activities, and also facts about health and hygiene.

A requirement for our trips is that our team be properly trained at the LWW “Clean Water University”, but we also like to take a high-school/college age young person with us to help with the VBS classes. We feel that this is a wonderful way for a student to experience meaningful mission while  providing a fun and educational experience for the Honduran children.  These are the attributes we are looking for:

1) Fluency in English and Central American Spanish.  It is highly desirable that the student be able to teach in Spanish, but fully understand the nuances and idioms of American English.

2) A stable faith foundation.  We are looking for the religious aspects of the VBS to be faithfully and convincingly conveyed during the lessons.

3) A love for children and a willingness to teach and play with them.  We usually teach children between 4 and 12 years old, but we take anyone who shows up.  Previous teaching experience will be helpful, especially when the time comes to establish order and quiet in the classroom!

Our team pays for their plane tickets, and our church covers all other trip expenses.  For this particular trip, a successful applicant will have their ticket paid for, so they should incur practically no expenses for the trip.  The applicant should be able to meet several times with the LWW team in Bowie as we plan for the trip.


You can find further information about LWW here:


INTEREST DEADLINE: Friday, October 19th Noon.

CONTACT: Chuck Tanner a-c-tanner@verizon.net