4/22 L3: Power of Purpose, Xenophobia and Covid-19

Hello Everyone

This Wednesday, 4/22, 12:00 to 1:00 p.m join us for a sensitive discussion on how xenophobia has intersected with COVID-19 during this pandemic.

We will be looking at instances of xenophobia aimed at Asian Americans in the United States.

This will be part of a multi-part discussion series on Race and COVID-19. Our next discussions will be focusing on how the pandemic has specifically affected African-Americans and what communities of faith are doing to respond to the racial justice components of the pandemic.

Zoom with us to explore how we can be called to change these occurrences, and make a meaningful difference. How does your life purpose or call to be a disciple of Christ intersect with these social justice challenges?

To Join the Zoom Meeting please email Chaplain Holly at ulmer@umd.edu 


Samantha and Jennifer, L3 Interns

Chaplain Holly

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