If Jesus was a Terp Bible Study

Sunday nights, begins 9/9

6 pm – 7:15 pm Memorial Chapel   CAMPUS

6 – 7 pm      Bible Study with dessert in Chapel Lounge

7-7:15 pm   Prayer Service Garden Chapel

What does the Bible REALLY say about Jesus?

Are you looking for a safe non-judgmental place to

Read the Bible

Learn about Jesus (either for the first time, or to deepen your faith)

Ask whatever questions you have about the Bible, faith, spirituality?

Explore how to live out spiritual values in the midst of daily campus challenges?

Come for a fun weekly discussion with dessert

We are starting with the Gospel of Mark.

Each time we will end with a short evening prayer service.

Conversations led by Chaplain Holly Ulmer

Come and go as needed.


You do not have to be Christian or religious to attend.

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