I started attending UCM in fall 2007. Back then, I was not sure on how to work on my relationship with Christ, but UCM really helped. This ministry and its congregation accepted me with open arms, and I cannot thank it enough for all it has done for me.

I have had the opportunity to work as a peer minister, go on mission trips, help my local community, and my national community. UCM gave me the opportunity to not only connect with others in like faith, but many other members of the University body.

From UCM, I have developed life-long friendships (including my fiancé), and I am thankful for the role that Rev. Ulmer and the rest of the members from UCM have played in my life, and for the opportunities I have to contribute to the ministry.


Monique L. Robinson, Doctoral Student/Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Kansas, UCM Peer Minister and UMD Class of 2010