Holly Ulmer has been an incredible resource for the Office of Diversity & Inclusion and for the campus as a whole. As a seasoned veteran in the Words of Engagement Intergroup Dialogue Program, Holly has facilitated dialogue for over 12 years, connecting with hundreds of students in a thoughtful, structured and ongoing way. Because interfaith and interfaith/secular dialogues regularly touch upon the most sensitive of issues (including the way someone sees and understands the world), it is imperative that facilitators come with a high degree of finely honed skills. In addition to Holly’s excellent facilitation, she also brings a wealth of religious knowledge into the class that would otherwise not be as available to inform the conversations students are having. I know of no other colleague I would trust with this kind of course than Holly, because she has proven her worth to our campus time and again, year after year. We are deeply grateful for her willingness to serve in this capacity and appreciate the support she receives from her own denominations as she reaches out to students on our campus.

Mark Brimhall-Vargas, PhD, Deputy Chief Diversity Officer, University of Maryland