Join us Wednesday, February 21 (11am-1pm)

Good Afternoon!

Please join us for our weekly L3 (Listen, Learn, Lead) discussion this Wednesday, February 21 in the Nanticoke Room at Stamp. Come and go as needed, 11am-1pm with free lunch provided!

Tomorrow as a part of our theme this semester, Creating Unity in an Age of Polarization, we will be discussing intellectual humility. Here is an article that we will be using to guide our conversation. Some questions to reflect on are; How does intellectual humility ease the tension that polarization perpetuates? Why does our political discourse view humility as a weakness or evidence of no confidence/conviction?

We look forward to seeing you this week. Please share with your friends and colleagues.

11/28 Inspiration Meeting Recap

This past week, our L3 discussion was about our sources of inspiration and how they contribute to our resilience.

Among the sources of inspirations were Scripture, poetry from Maya Angelou, stories about our mentors and more. Please free to comment on this post or send a message to our Facebook about your sources of inspiration.

Next week will be our last regularly scheduled session for this semester! Join us next Wednesday, December 5 from 12-2pm in the Pyon Su Room at Stamp; come and go as needed!

Also, we will doing a bake sale next Friday, December 7 outside Stamp from around 9am until 1pm, free hot chocolate with a purchase of baked goods.

11/28 L3 Power of Purpose: Got Inspiration?

Hello Everyone,

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving break.
As we head into the end of semester finals and papers, we will
especially be focusing on ways to de-stress and sources of
Our topic tomorrow is “Got Inspiration?”
12 – 2 pm Pyon Su Room, Stamp Student Union
Lunch included!
What are your sources of inspiration from your religious/spiritual/secular
Holy Writings?  Activists? Poetry? Favorite quotes or role models? Prayer?
We will share some inspirational sources for strength, and a positive outlook
for current challenges and to prepare for upcoming finals etc.
Come take a break that will help to reset your outlook
and inner life. Ground yourself in what matters most to you to keep the “big”
picture in the midst of busyness.
Hope to see you soon!

Our topic Wednesday 11/14 : L3: Power of Purpose – GOT GRATITUDE?

Pyon Su room 2108, Stamp Student Union, 12:00-2:00pm come and go as needed

How do you express gratitude when you don’t feel it in your heart? When times are tough? When it seems your faith/spirituality/beliefs/secular core values are being tested?

Is gratitude a choice, practice or option?

Can gratitude help us cope with crisis?

Come for lunch to discuss how during the upcoming season of giving we can put gratitude into perspective beyond our own reality.

“Those with a grateful mindset tend to see the message in the mess. And even though life may knock them down, the grateful find reasons, if even small ones, to get up.”― Steve Maraboli

9/26 L3: Power of Purpose- What are the Most Important UMD Student Needs Right Now?

12 – 2 pm, Wednesday, 9/26, Pyon Su Room, 2108, Stamp Student Union

FREE LUNCH!    Come and go as needed.

Our L3 Topic for tomorrow is:

What are the most pressing UMD student issues right now?

What student needs/concerns does the UMD community most need to pay attention to?

How might current needs connect with your own sense of purpose and how as a student you can make a difference right now?

What role can your spirituality, religion or core values play?

Come listen to your peers, and share your own experience!

Reconnect with the power of purpose.

Looking forward to a great conversation and seeing you soon!  : )



9/19 L3: Power of Purpose – Got Encouragement?

We are meeting tomorrow since First Look Fair is only happening on Thursday.

Our topic:

Got Encouragement? How are Family, Friends, Profs Impacting your Future plans and Self-Understanding

12 – 2 pm, Come and go as needed. Pyon Su Room, 2108, Stamp Student Union, LUNCH INCLUDED!

The circle of people around us is really important.

All of us have balcony people, people who lift us up, offer encouragement when we encounter challenging situations, and help us towards life goals.

And we also have cellar people, people who may not be ill-intentioned, but because of their own issues can make us doubt ourselves, deflate us, and even put obstacles in our way.

At different times in our lives sometimes a balcony person can become a cellar person, and visa versa.

As you ask big questions and make plans for your future, what role are family, friends, professors and others playing in your life and self-understanding as you hope and dream for your life beyond Maryland?

Who lets you be YOU, and gives you space to truly express and be yourself?

Come for a time of reflection (we will do a little journaling) and conversation on an important topic.

Hope to see you soon.  : )