4/24 Sunday Night Wonder Walk, 6 pm

Join us Sunday night at 6 pm to experience/reflect on our faith through the beauty of nature.

We will meet at the Chapel Lounge and head outside to the Chapel Garden for a “wonder walk.”

Hope to see you soon. Peace and blessings, Chaplain Intern Rachel and Chaplain Holly

Holy Week Services, On-Campus & Local Churches

Check out these Holy Week Services sponsored on-campus by our chaplaincy and close-by from churches affiliated with our sponsoring denominations. Wishing you a blessed, meaningful Holy Week.

(See websites for additional information)

United Campus Ministry-UMD

Easter Evening Service, In-person, On-Campus

4/17 at 6 pm, in Memorial Chapel, Garden Chapel


University Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)



All Services Held Virtually and In-Person  –  6800 Adelphi Road  Hyattsville, MD  20782

Maundy Thursday, April 14th, @ 7 pm

Good Friday, April 15th, @ Noon held at Turner Memorial AME Church, followed by a Fish Fry @ 1 pm, Free to everyone.

Easter Sunday, April 17th, Sunrise Service @ 6:30 am (On-line only)

Easter Sunday, April 17th, @ 10:45 am, followed by Coffee Hour

Berwyn Presbyterian Church (PC(U.S.A.)



All Services Held Virtually and In-Person     6301 Greenbelt Rd, College Park, MD 20740

Good Friday, April 15th, @ 7pm

Easter Sunday, April 17th, @ 10:30 am

Greenbelt Community Church (United Church of Christ)


All Services Held Virtually and In-Person    1 Hillside Rd, Greenbelt, MD 20770

Maundy Thursday, April 14th, 7 pm

Easter Sunday, April 17th, Sunrise Service @ 7 pm, Schrom Hills Park

Easter Sunday, April 17th, @ 10:15 am

4/13 L3: Power of Purpose – Spring Holidays, 12 pm, Pyon Su Room 2108, Stamp Student Union

Hi Everyone, 

We hope that you are doing well. We are looking forward to gathering together Wednesday. We will be meeting in Pyon Su Room 2108 at noon to discuss recent and upcoming spring holidays. 

This month Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are all recognizing important holidays that pertain to their tradition, such as Ramadan, Passover, and Easter respectively. What do these holidays mean to you? What memories do you have associated with them? How do they inform your sense of purpose? Then, of course, we are coming up on Earth Day and different Pagan holidays with the coming of Spring. How do you experience the changing of seasons? We will be discussing all this and more!

Let us know if you are coming, and we will make sure to have a sandwich ready. 


Chaplain Holly (she/her) ulmer@umd.edu

Rachel, chaplain intern (she/her) koehler@umd.edu

4/6 L3:Power of Purpose-Healthy Relationships, 12 pm, 2108 Pyon Su Room, Stamp Union

Hi Everyone, 

How are you doing? We hope that you are doing well. Please reach out if you need anything. 

Wednesday we will be meeting in our usual location of the Pyon Su Room 2108 at noon for a conversation on healthy relationships. How do you define a healthy relationship? How would you describe some healthy relationships that you have experienced? These are some guiding questions, but of course, offer as much as you feel comfortable.

Hope to see you soon. Lunch included.

Peace and blessings, Chaplain Intern Rachel and Chaplain Holly

3/30 L3: Faith and/or Secular Journey Towards Meaning and Purpose, 12 pm, 2108 Pyon Su, Stamp Union

Hi Everyone, 

We hope that you are doing well. How was your Spring Break? We look forward to getting caught up with you.

Our topic is about our personal faith and secular journeys toward meaning and purpose. We will be exploring our individual denominations or traditions and how they inform our lives. You can be thinking about the question – What is something distinctive about my tradition that means a lot to me and I want others to know? 

Hope to see you soon, 

Chaplain Holly (she/her) ulmer@umd.edu

Rachel, Chaplain intern (she/her) koehler@umd.edu

3/27 Next Meeting-Happy Spring Break!

Hello Everyone,

Wishing you a safe and wonderful spring break this week!

United Campus Ministry’s next meeting is Sunday night 3/27, 6 pm at the Chapel Lounge, Come for delicious snacks, and a fun game night.

Happy Spring!

Peace and blessings,

Chaplain Intern Rachel, and Chaplain Holly

3/13 Sunday Night Worship on Campus!

Join us Sunday night 6 pm in the Garden Chapel for an inspiring encouraging worship experience. Chaplain Intern Rachel will be preaching. (The Garden Chapel doors are just off the patio, the parking lot behind Memorial Chapel.) Friends and roommates always welcome. Hope to see you soon!