Happy Thanksgiving – “In All Things Give Thanks” and Gratitude Resources

Hello Everyone!
“In all things give thanks. . . .” the words of Paul to the church at Thessalonica,early Christians who needed a word of encouragement in challenging times.(1 Thessalonians 5:18)

This Thanksgiving, many of us long for some encouragement and hope. Due to COVID-19, the holiday will be very different.

A time of traditional reunion, may actually be a time of separation. A time to partake in abundance, may be an hour of need due to economic hardship. A time of joy may be a season of mourning for a lost loved one.

Holidays in general, even in normal times, can be for many, tricky to navigate.

So take extra good care of yourself and those you love this Thanksgiving, whether near or far. Stay safe.  The pandemic will not last forever.

And as you are able, give and look out for those hurting and in need. Loving and caring for others is always central to our faith, and can be the very real hope and help that will make a critical difference for someone or their family.

Know that I and United Campus Ministry are sending you prayers, and good wishes for God’s presence, comfort, joy and blessings, as we all seek to “in all things give thanks.”

Let us allow ourselves to feel the full spectrum of our emotions, and trust that our Risen Lord Jesus Christ is ever with us, steadfastly calling us beloved, loving us, ever showering us with grace, strengthening us with calm and courage.

“Do not fear, for I am with you, do not be afraid, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

And whether we feel thankful or not, we can choose gratitude as a spiritual practice as a way to keep moving forward, for healing.  May this Thanksgiving be a time of healing for our nation, as it was offered that first Thanksgiving in 1863 by President Lincoln during the Civil War.

Some great resources for GRATITUDE:

-Check out UCM 11/22 Thanksgiving Communion Worship Service at https://ucmcollegepark.org/worship-on-demand/

-32 Bible Verses to Reflect on This Year https://www.countryliving.com/life/a28471370/thanksgiving-bible-verses/

Exciting links on the power of gratitude: How gratitude can help you through hard times https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/how_gratitude_can_help_you_through_hard_times

How to find some Gratitude during Pandemic Holidays, Monthly Happiness Calendars, What are we grateful for during COVID and more. . . . .

And feel free to reach out to Samantha, L3 Intern, Rachel, Chaplain Intern, or me if we can be supportive or helpful in some way.

“In All Things Give Thanks. . . ” May it be so this year and always.
God Bless you and yours, In Christ,

Chaplain Holly, ulmer@umd.edu

11/22 Communion Worship: In All Things Give Thanks. . .

Hi Everyone,

Join UCM-L3 for our welcoming informal virtual Sunday night worship service 6 – 7 p.m. Have your own communion elements ready!

Meeting link https://go.umd.edu/UCML3Sundays

A quick word about worship this Sunday.

Will the “Grinch” hope to steal Thanksgiving as well as Christmas this year?

With COVID-19 nothing is normal, and some of our families will choose to not even gather for fear of infecting each other with the virus. Others will be together, but socially distancing apart. Many more people than usual will mark the holiday alone by themselves.

How can our faith help us approach Thanksgiving this year in a way so that in all things we can give thanks? How can a spiritual practice of gratitude enable us to have a meaningful Thanksgiving, and prepare our hearts and minds for Advent and Christmas?

Take a study break to enjoy community and communion! Bring your own bread and juice if you want!

It will include a special time to share what Communion means to each of us.


Samantha, L3 Intern; Rachel, Chaplain Intern, Rev. Holly, Chaplain

11/15 Worship 6 pm: How to be a Modern Day Prophet

Hi Everyone, 
How was your week? One more week until a short break for Thanksgiving! We are thinking of you and sending thoughts of motivation your way. Let us know if we can help with any stress relief or self care tips. 

As for worship this Sunday, we will be exploring the role of a prophet and those who have been prophets throughout history. Who are some prophets that come to mind for you? We will then ask: How we can be prophetic ourselves? What does being prophetic mean to you?

We hope that you will join us! All are welcome!

Zoom link is go.umd.edu/UCML3Sundays
Blessings, Chaplain Holly, L3 Intern Samantha, and Chaplain Intern Rachel

11/11 L3: Power of Purpose, 12 – 1 p.m. Honoring our Veterans on Veterans Day

Hi Everyone, 
There are many underrepresented voices that we need to uplift and this Wednesday, we will be uplifting our veterans on Veterans Day.
Join L3 from 12 to 1 on Wednesday, to look at the diverse stories and experiences of our veterans and to find out what we as individuals can do to care for them within our own life paths

Drop in to share a story, learn some more about veterans, or just to talk!
The Zoom link is go.umd.edu/UCML3.

See you soon!L3 Intern Samantha, Chaplain Holly, and Chaplain Intern Rachel 

11/8 Coffeehouse-Open Mic Night! 6 – 7 p.m.

Hi Everyone, 
How has this week been for you? Be in contact with how we can support you and what you need from community at this time. 

This Sunday we are excited to worship through a coffeehouse-style open mic night. Feel free to participate if you feel called or join and listen. As of now, we have a few different students willing to share their gifts and/or various pieces of music, poetry, art, etc. that speaks to their spirituality. We are excited to include a variety of voices and experience worship through new perspectives. 

We would love to see you there! Once again, it is at 6:00pm at go.umd.edu/UCML3Sundays.

Blessings, Chaplain Holly, L3 Intern Samantha, and Chaplain Intern Rachel 

11/4 L3: Post-Election Discussion, All are welcome! Also events later this week.

Hi Everyone, 
During L3 this week, we will be reflecting on the election. Of course, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding this week, and we may not know anything more on Wednesday, but it is our hope to create an open space for discussion. It is not always easy to explain or know how we are feeling, so do not think you need to come with any clarity. We will be leaning on each other as we seek meaning during this time. 

Like usual, we will be meeting at 12pm on Zoom at go.umd.edu/UCML3.

If you would like a one-on-one time to meet for prayer or conversation, do not hesitate to reach out .We are here to support you!
All the best, Chaplain Intern Rachel , Samantha L3 Intern, Chaplain Holly


11/4, 4 – 5 p.m., Wednesday, Chat with a Chaplain, Co-hosted by Chaplain Holly and Denise McHugh  https://umd.zoom.us/j/93768704150

11/6, 12 – 2 p.m., Friday, Conversation Hosted by Chaplain Holly and Chaplain Intern Rachel through Stamp Student Union. Virtual Session

Also check out:


11/1 Worship: Spiritual Journeys – Samantha, L3 Intern, Shares her Story

This week’s UCM worship will be diving into the topic of personal spiritual journeys by highlighting the story of our L3(Listen, Learn, Lead) Intern, Samantha. Samantha will be reflecting on her transition into college and what effects it had on her connection to God. This service will reflect her own experience hearing God, finding spiritual independence, and changes in her understanding of her spirituality.

Join us from 6-7:15 p.m. on Sunday if you want to see how you may relate to Samantha’s experiences or just enjoy a close-knit evening service!
Zoom link: go.umd.edu/UCML3Sundays

Samantha Kalibala, L3 Intern

10/28 L3: Power of Purpose – The Spiritual Practice of Remembrance

How much time do we take to pause in a day? Why is it so hard for us to take this time out of our busy schedules? How can we settle and organize our chaotic thoughts?

Join L3(Listen, Learn, Lead) to find answers to these questions and allow yourself some calm within your hectic school year!

Zoom link: go.umd.edu/UCML3

We will be talking about the spiritual practice of remembrance and how to consciously include this is into our days.
Join us from 12pm to 1pm to learn more or just to have a space to rant about your midterms!
Come and go as you wish.

Samantha, L3 Intern

10/25 Worship: Faith vs. Election Anxiety/Uncertainty

Hi Everyone, 
Are you anxious about the upcoming election?

Come join us Sunday from 6pm – 7pm for some encouragement and hope.  https://go.umd.edu/UCML3Sundays  

More than ever, at this moment we find ourselves in a highly polarized nation where emotions are running high, so much so, that some people feel we have lost our capacity to listen or talk to each other; lost our capacity for civil discourse in democracy.  This polarization is also happening between Christians.

During worship we will seek God’s wisdom for this critical moment; turn towards our faith to reflect on what we are called to, and how divine hope is ever present with us.  Scripture passages are: Matthew 22: 34-46; Deuteronomy 34: 1 – 12

Hope to see you! And our worship will also be available early in the week

on-demand at https://ucmcollegepark.org/worship-on-demand/

Peace and Blessings,

Chaplain Holly, L3 Intern Samantha, Chaplain Intern Rachel

P.S. UCM  strongly encourages you and everyone to vote, will discuss critical issues, but will never tell you how to vote!