10/10 Gen Z: Religion vs. Spirituality?! 6 pm, Chapel Lounge

Join us Sunday night for ice cream, fun and great conversation about what UMD and other college students REALLY think about religion, faith, and spirituality.

Do you feel comfortable or uncomfortable with “religion”? What has been your experience?

Do you find yourself planted in one place, like Christianity, or do you like to explore and incorporate ideas and practices from a variety of spiritual traditions?

Come for honest, open conversation! Friends, room mates, interfaith students, and spiritual seekers welcome.


Chaplain Intern Rachel Koehler, koehler@umd.edu

L3 Intern Samantha Kalibala, samikalibala@gmail.com

Chaplain Holly, ulmer@umd.edu

Candle Parade 201101, Photo in Public Doman by Gerd Altmann

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