5/2 Open Dialogue on Trust in God amid Finals, 6 pm

Meeting link http://go.umd.edu/UCML3Sundays

Hi Everyone, 

How has your week been? The end of the semester is approaching. Do you have a lot of work to accomplish, or has it been fairly manageable? We are praying that you are able to focus, but are also able to take time for yourself in the midst of it. 

Recently in conversation, we have discussed a pattern of anxiety during exam time. We can put a lot of pressure on ourselves to succeed, which can feel very burdensome. This Sunday we plan to talk about the idea of trusting in God during these moments. How does your faith/trust in God play into finals? Does it play into finals? What kind of thoughts or mantras do you hold onto before exams?

This Sunday will be an open conversation, including some uplifting readings and songs. Feel free to share your thoughts or simply listen as we explore this topic together.

We hope to see you then!
Have a good weekend!

Samantha, L3 Intern

Rachel, Chaplain Intern

Chaplain Holly


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