2/17 L3:Resolutions and Restarting, 12 pm

Join us with this zoom meeting link go.umd.edu/UCML3Wednesdays

Hello all, 
We hope you have all been doing well as the semester has started to kick up in pace!
This upcoming Wednesday, our L3 dialogue session will be focused on the idea of resolutions. We will be discussing this in the context of a new year, the idea of a fresh start, and different spiritual traditions that can connect to this theme, including Ash Wednesday.
Join us at 12 to talk about your idea of resolutions and to think of how we can approach different aspects of our lives with resolve. 
Everyone is welcome!
Hope to see you then, Samantha Kalibala, L3 Intern, Rachel Koehler, Chaplain Intern, Chaplain Holly Ulmer

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