3/4 “Other”ing within Religion

Join us for free lunch and good conversation every Wednesday from 12-2 in the Nanticoke Room, Stamp Student Union.   Come and go as you please!  Student-led and student generated topics.

  • March 4th “Other”ing within Religion – How do some define who is “in” and “out” in a religion. Have you ever felt like an “other” and does that keep you from practicing your religion?

Upcoming Topics

  • March 11th – Religious Women in Positions of Authority –  In honor of Women’s History Month we will be having a conversation about women who have heard a call to religious leadership
  • March 18 – SPRING BREAK
  • March 29th How do you image God? – What are the primary images of God you carry around with you? Is God as “the Holy One who calls us” one of them? How do your personal images of God impact your relationship with God, and how you live out your faith?

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