11/20 L3:Power of Purpose Enneagram & Busy Retreat

Tomorrow’s L3: Power of Purpose 12 – 2 p.m. (come and go as needed)

Pyon Su Room, 2108, Stamp Union, LUNCH included!

We will be learning about the enneagram as a tool for self and spiritual understanding, and check-in about the ongoing Busy Student Retreat.
The week-long retreat goal is to deepen your faith/spirituality while also learning about the spiritual paths of others.
Hope you will join us tomorrow for a really great session! See below for more info.

Enneagram Test: enneagramtest.net

Come and find your different personal and spiritual attributes!

What were your top three personalities?

How do they relate to your spirituality, core values and religious practice?



Busy Student Retreat

Some Mid-Busy Retreat Questions:

1.   How is the retreat going for you?

2.   What are you learning from the retreat?

3.   Talk about the activities you are participating in.

4.   What are you learning about your own faith and tradition?

5.   The faith and traditions of others?

6.   Is it challenging to do these activities with your other student responsibilities? Why or why not?

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