4/25 L3: Power of Purpose: Making Difficult, Important Decisions

Meeting tomorrowWednesday, April 25, 12 – 2 pm in Nanticoke Room, Union,
lunch is provided!
Do you have to make an important decision or choice?
When we are in the process of making our decisions, often we are
pressured or influenced by cultural norms more than we think we are.
It’s like we are gold fish swimming around in a little fish bowl, forgetting
there is a whole ocean out there!
Some of our cultural norms are:
Will my choice lead to success?
Will I gain status and privilege?
Will it bring happiness?
Is this what most people would decide to do?
Will it help me gain friends or popularity?
Other spiritual/religious/or secular perspectives can encourage us to consider:
What is the most loving choice for me? For others?
Will this decision do the least harm?
Does this choice reflect my deepest spiritual or secular values?
    If so which values?
Am I called to be brave and stand alone, or with a particular community?
Come for an exciting discussion about making choices and learning to
be conscious about what is truly influencing us in reaching our important decisions.

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