10/25 L3: Power of Purpose Hot topic: Encouragement & Hope for Facing Challenges

We are meeting tomorrowWednesday

12 – 1:30 in Pyon Su Room 2108, Stamp Union

Includes FREE LUNCH!

Come and go as needed


Join us tomorrow for encouragement and hope! And of course for a delicious meal. : )

Last week we had a powerful discussion about how some of us honestly feel about being students or staff on campus.  Each of us has  significant life challenges besides just studying or doing our jobs.

This week we’ll catch up on how everyone is doing with the latest barrage of campus and world events.

What have been some of your challenges this week?  Have you been impacted by the “Me too” movement?

What are some positive, tangible ways we can be supportive of each other? Others on campus?

How can we help to create a campus climate where everyone truly feels welcome and valued?

How can our faith or secular core values help us to take actions to bring people together to heal divisions and conflict? Inspire us to live lives of encouragement and hope?

Friends and roommates always welcome!  : )

Hope to see you soon.

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