L3: Lunch Talk – The Power of Purpose

What are you passionate about? Why are you “here”? What unique contributions do you hope to make with your one precious life?

Still figuring this all out?

Tomorrow, 2/10 is our first Wednesday L3 Lunch Discussion 1 – 2 p.m., Nanticoke Room, 1238, in the Student Union.

Join us for our hot topic “The Power of Purpose” and enjoy a free lunch!

We’ll watch a 12 min. TED Talk video clip featuring the work of Richard Leider followed by an engaging discussion. Reflect and make connections between what matters most to you with your academic and professional path.

This weekly conversation will honor diverse spiritual, religious and secular perspectives and voices.

(Our program is also highlighted in the calendar for Maryland Dialogues on Diversity and Community http://www.umd.edu/MarylandDialogues/ )

Hope to see you tomorrow! Friends and Roommates welcome. : )


Chaplain Holly

L3: Listen, Learn, Lead: Integrating spirituality/faith or core values with university life towards creating a professional future.


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